Telkom users hit by throttling problems

Telkom Internet uncapped customers have complained about being throttled unfairly due to incorrect Fair Usage Policy (FUP) implementation.

A number of customers reached out to MyBroadband and voiced their frustration as they claimed their real usage did not align with what Telkom shows on its online customer portal.

Certain customers claimed that because of this, their lines were throttled to lower speeds.

Telkom’s uncapped packages allow for a certain amount of data to be downloaded at the line’s maximum speed, before lowering this rate to lower speeds.

The FUP issue appears to be affecting fibre, ADSL, and LTE customers on uncapped packages.

Capped customers have also complained about errors in data usage tracking, however.

Telkom portal vs SAIX

Several users had noticed excessive data consumption reports on their Telkom customer portal.

When comparing this with the userstats portal from the South African Internet Exchange (SAIX), they found major discrepancies in usage statistics.

SAIX’s portal aims to provide the amount of data that is passed through the Internet exchange for your line.

An example of the reported throttling from a MyBroadband reader is detailed below.

“I have been throttled back to level three due to reportedly having used 400GB on one day. This is physically impossible with my 4Mbps connection,” he said.

During the same period, the SAIX portal showed he had used around 7GB.

A MyBroadband Forum user also noticed a huge discrepancy on their 10Mbps uncapped package.

The member posted a screenshot which showed 680GB of usage on Telkom’s user portal, while a combined total usage of 130GB was recorded on the SAIX portal.

The user was then throttled as a result.

A capped user noted that his usage reached 68GB on a single day, despite his ADSL package being capped at 40GB.

He claimed that Telkom had automatically switched over to out-of-bundle rates with no notification.

Telkom FUP usage

Previous problem

This issue is similar to an instance in January 2019 when Telkom customers reported discrepancies between their actual usage and Telkom’s statistics.

Users claimed the data counters on Telkom’s portal did not reset after December and continued to stack data usage from the previous month.

Telkom, however, said the issue was with the SAIX counter and it recommended that customers stick to its customer portal for accurate figures.

The users countered Telkom’s stance by using router-based systems to track their data usage, as well as calculations of maximum data throughput.

These showed that it would have been impossible for certain lines to consume the amount of data indicated in those particular periods.

Small number affected – Telkom

Telkom told MyBroadband that during the first week of January, its fair usage policy was incorrectly applied for a small number of subscribers within the Western and Eastern Cape regions.

“The impacted subscribers… experienced reduced speeds while using their Internet services and a few were charged for the out-of-bundle usage,” said Telkom.

“The team is busy correcting the FUP and the speeds are being restored per customer. The out-of-bundle charges are being reversed and impacted subscribers will receive notification.”

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Telkom users hit by throttling problems