All-in-one uncapped ADSL pricing comparison

A number of Internet service providers (ISPs) cut the prices of their uncapped ADSL offerings recently, attributing them to the 30% reduction in Telkom’s IPConnect pricing announced by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa towards the end of March 2012.

However, line rental prices represent a significant proportion of the cost of an ADSL connection and they were unaffected by the price cuts.

Although the actual line must be rented from Telkom, some ISPs offer to handle the administration on behalf of their customers, often undercutting Telkom’s prices.

Not all ISPs that offer line rental services have “all-in-one” packages and these are indicated with an asterisk (*) in the table below.

The table shows uncapped ADSL packages from the listed ISPs aimed at home users that include line rental for the DSL service. Analogue (voice) line rental is excluded as its value may change under certain circumstances.

ISP 384kbps 512kbps 1Mbps 4Mbps 10Mbps
WebAfrica R 329 N/A R 439 R 999 R 1,699
Axxess justUncapped* R 308 N/A R 445 R 855 R 1,958
Axxess justSurf* R 224 R 378 R 448 N/A N/A
MWEB R 329 N/A R 488 R 899 R 2,359
Imaginet* R 299 R 499 R 519 R 874 R 2,004
Afrihost* R 346 N/A R 576 R 896 N/A
@lantic R 339 N/A R 589 R 889 N/A
Telkom R 371 N/A R 658 R 2,510 N/A
* Don’t offer account+line package, but do offer line separately.

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All-in-one uncapped ADSL pricing comparison