MyBroadband conducted its latest broadband survey recently (June 2012), revealing that Afrihost, Axxess, Vox Telecom, Web Africa and MWEB are the top Internet Service Providers (ISP) in South Africa.

Consumers were asked to rate various components of their ADSL ISP’s service, and also rank the country’s prominent service providers from best to worst.

The survey was completed by over 4,700 people, of whom around 3,100 were ADSL users.

Service levels

ADSL users were asked to rate the various components of the service from their Internet Service Provider (ISP), including value for money, ease of use/setup, billing, customer service, technical support, and overall satisfaction.

The following table provides an overview of the happiness of customers with their ADSL ISP (with scores out of 10).

ISP Value for money Ease of use Billing Customer service Technical support Overall satisfaction Average
Afrihost 8.18 9.00 8.89 8.64 8.39 8.53 8.60
Axxess 7.63 8.82 8.65 8.39 8.36 8.20 8.34
Vox/@lantic 8.06 8.37 7.86 8.29 8.55 8.35 8.25
Web Africa 7.46 8.72 8.38 8.02 8.00 7.76 8.06
MWEB 7.37 8.40 8.24 8.02 8.00 7.97 8.00
Openweb 7.43 8.21 7.85 8.16 7.82 7.97 7.91
Cybersmart 8.07 8.42 8.24 7.35 7.19 7.81 7.84
FNB Connect 8.08 8.77 8.31 7.33 6.25 7.69 7.74
Internet Solutions 6.50 7.88 7.41 7.18 7.36 7.27 7.27
Telkom Internet 6.17 7.36 7.12 5.78 5.91 6.45 6.47

Most respected ISP

All consumers (hence ADSL and wireless broadband subscribers) were asked to rank SA’s prominent ISPs from the most respected to the least respected (hence from the best to worst).

The result from this question is therefore more a reflection of an ADSL ISP’s brand awareness and brand perception among high-end users than an indication of the happiness of its subscribers. Innovation, price cuts and strong branding all play a role to boost a company’s respectability among consumers.

The most respected ADSL according to this survey are (with the ‘higher than average’ percentage difference in brackets)

  1. MWEB (+25%)
  2. Afrihost (+14%)
  3. Web Africa (+1%)

The full results of this survey will be revealed at the annual MyBroadband conference in October.

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