Best and worst ADSL ISPs – HelloPeter stats

HelloPeter’s latest statistics show that Afrihost has the highest compliments/complaints ratio among local ADSL ISPs, giving an indication that the company’s customers are relatively happy with the service they receive.

HelloPeter is South Africa’s largest consumer activist website, where consumers can report good and bad service, and receive support from registered companies.

The website’s industry ranking feature lists companies according to their compliments/complaints ratio. This ranking therefore gives an overview of the overall satisfaction of the company’s customers.

According to HelloPeter’s statistics over the last 12 months, Afrihost is the top ADSL ISP, followed by Web Africa and Cybersmart.

The following table provides an overview of the compliments to complaints ratios of South Africa’s prominent ADSL service providers (stats from 13 December 2013).

Hellopeter complaints/compliments ratio
Operator Complaints Compliments Compliment/Complaint ratio
Afrihost 408 177 30%
Web Africa 154 65 29%
Cybersmart 129 30 18%
Axxess 81 16 16%
MWEB 947 157 14%
Vox Telecom 21 3 12%
Telkom 5995 646 9%

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Best and worst ADSL ISPs – HelloPeter stats