FNB eBucks problems – Check your petrol spend

FNB customers have reported problems with their fuel spend transactions on FNB’s eBucks platform, which has caused them to miss out on additional points.

The problem is due to the incorrect reflection of in-store payments as fuel transactions, which can disqualify eBucks customers from for the platform’s Double-Up programme.

FNB introduced a host of changes to its eBucks rewards programme in July this year.

One of these revisions included a change in how FNB customers collect eBucks by filling up at Engen petrol stations.

On top of the normal percentage benefit linked to a customer’s eBucks Reward Level, eBucks users can now also double the number of eBucks earned from Engen refuelling for every 3 months.

To qualify for this Double-Up, the customer must have a vehicle finance loan with Wesbank, have their vehicle loaded on FNB’s nav>>car, and only use Engen’s fuel stations for the period.

The first quarter for which this promotion was valid was July to September.

Transactions marked incorrectly

A MyBroadband reader stated that they had not qualified for this reward during July, despite fulfilling all the criteria listed above.

After reviewing their transaction history, the reader found an amount of R32.50 listed as Non-Engen Fuel Spend in July.

The reader never filled up at garages other than Engen, however, and never made fuel purchases of less than R100.

This “Non-Engen Fuel Spend” transaction actually reflected the purchase of a cappuccino at a Caltex petrol station for R32.50, which FNB had incorrectly identified as fuel spend.

The Terms and Conditions of the eBucks programme state the customers can only be disqualified by making fuel purchases from other petrol stations, not purchases from the shops adjoining them.

In August and September, the reader regularly bought food and drinks at other fuel stations, but these amounts reflected correctly, and not as fuel spend.

When he contacted the eBucks helpline and spoke to a consultant, he was told that other users had complained about the mishap as well.

The issue was resolved on 24 October and the missing eBucks were added to the reader’s account.

FNB responds

MyBroadband contacted FNB to determine whether this was a common problem affecting eBucks customers.

CEO of eBucks Johan Moolman said that the company is aware of this issue.

“eBucks is aware that a small portion of its members are experiencing in-store transactions incorrectly being reflected as fuel transactions when purchasing goods at selected fuel stations,” Moolman said.

This is an in-store point of sale device setup that reflects all transactions as ‘fuel’.”

He said that customers who suspect they were disqualified for the same reason are encouraged to contact eBucks.

eBucks will evaluate each case on its merits,” Moolman said.

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FNB eBucks problems – Check your petrol spend