Google working on a smart debit card

Google is working on its own smart debit card, according to a report from TechCrunch.

It is developing both physical and virtual debit cards for its Google Pay platform, stated the report.

Google previously launched a debit card on its old payment app Google Wallet, but shut this down in 2016.

For its new debit card, Google will partner with multiple banking partners, including Citi and Stanford Federal Credit Union.

TechCrunch speculated the company could use the card to improve its revenue and data streams.

Google card

The Google card will link to a corresponding cheque account, with leaked images of the physical card shown below.

The card sports branding from Google and a bank, as well as the account holder’s name.

It will support tap-and-go payments, while a virtual version of it can be used to make Bluetooth mobile payments.

Users will also be able to use a PIN and fingerprint to authorise transactions.

Google Pay debit card concept - Image from TechCrunch

Transaction oversight and security

The card will be linked to the Google Pay app, which will allow users to track purchases, view their balance, and transfer funds out of their account.

Additionally, users will be able to identify where the transaction took place on a map, get directions to the location, or call the store.

If a user’s card is lost, they can block it and order a replacement, while still being able to use the virtual card to pay online or with their phone.

In the event that the user suspects their virtual card number is compromised, they can reset it.

The image below shows what the app dashboard looks like with a linked Google Pay debit card.

Google Pay dashboard - Image from TechCrunch

Current Google Pay features

Google Pay currently lets users link their own bank cards to the app for online and peer-to-peer payments.

The platform is not available in South Africa, however.

It’s not yet clear when Google plans to launch its debit card or where it will be available, but the company indicated that more information will be shared in the coming months.

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Google working on a smart debit card