Telkom fixed-LTE problems – SIM activations delayed

Many Telkom customers are complaining of delays when attempting to sign up for the company’s fixed-LTE broadband packages.

Customers contacted MyBroadband and shared their frustrations on online platforms such as Hellopeter, with many stating that while they had received an LTE router and SIM timeously, it was taking weeks for Telkom to activate their Internet connection.

Many of these customers complained that Telkom’s customer support staff were not effective in resolving their complaints efficiently.

In some cases, customers said they were charged for a month of fixed-LTE connectivity while still waiting for their SIM to be activated, while others said their orders were cancelled without their permission.

Telkom aware of the problem

MyBroadband asked Telkom if it was aware of a delay in activating fixed-LTE packages.

“Yes, we are dealing with such matters either once customer reports it or if we detect that there is a problem,” Telkom responded.

The company added that the reason for the delays in SIM activation and any incorrect charges depended on specific circumstances. It said it was dealing with these issues on a case-by-case basis.

Telkom advised users with fixed-LTE activation problems to contact its service centre (10210), visit its physical stores, or log a service request online.

The company also said it would reimburse customers who have been charged for services they have so far been unable to access.

Migration headaches

A number of the customers who complained about delayed fixed-LTE SIM activations were migrated by Telkom from an ADSL package as part of the company’s active migration plan.

The company plans to decommission its copper network and exit the ageing technology entirely within the next five years.

It will do this by replacing voice lines with VoIP solutions over fibre or LTE, and it will move ADSL customers to one of these technologies depending on the coverage in their area.

Telkom is actively contacting its ADSL customers to offer them comparable products on newer technologies, and in many cases, these offers are cheaper or include better speeds and data capacities than the customer’s current package.

Some customers have reported problems after being migrated from ADSL, however, as Telkom’s network does not provide great coverage outside of major urban areas and fibre is not available everywhere.

Problems with SIM activation for fixed-LTE products would also add to this frustration, especially after being migrated from ADSL at the request of Telkom.

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Telkom fixed-LTE problems – SIM activations delayed