Slow browsing? Seacom is down, reports Mweb

Mweb is reporting that the international connectivity of its customers has been impacted due to a Seacom link failure, but the effects have been minimised as traffic has already been rerouted.

“We are running on alternative WACS capacity,” Mweb said in a statement posted to Facebook.

“Please note that we are not at full capacity and shaping on non-priority traffic will be in effect,” Mweb said.

The service provider said that its engineers are currently looking into the outage.

Seacom reported on its website that it experienced a “multiple terrestrial outage” on both its Egypt routes at 11:59 GMT.

“Repair teams have been mobilized,” Seacom said. “ETR [estimated time to repair] will be published shortly. This is affecting our European routes. Updates will follow in 30 minutes.”

Updates from Seacom:

13:12 GMT:Advice from our service provider in Egypt is that ETR is 4 hours from now. The location of the first repair site has been identified 15 km outside of Alexandra and repair teams are enroute.

14:15 GMT: Repair teams are enroute [sic].

14:51 GMT: Repair team is on site for the first repair. Outage on this route was caused by a fire.

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Slow browsing? Seacom is down, reports Mweb