DStv Now working on Linux streaming problems

MyBroadband readers have complained of problems when trying to stream through DStv Now on Linux devices.

Previously, users running Linux operating systems were able to watch DStv Now through a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

However, since the beginning of 2020, these users have been unable to watch shows on the platform, likely due to a change in the Widevine DRM system.

Similar problems with international streaming platforms have been reported this year, indicating that the issue could be a common DRM issue rather than individual platform changes.

In a number of these cases, trailers played properly and advertisements were still served to users on the platform, but the actual content was not retrieved from the server.

This means that users running Laptops with Linux or portable devices like the Raspberry Pi are no longer able to watch DStv Now on these devices.

Widevine DRM

In the fourth quarter of 2019, Widevine added Verified Media Path (VMP) support to its desktop browser CDM.

“For browser deployments, this will provide an additional signal to determine if a browser-based implementation is sanctioned by Widevine,” the company said.

“All Widevine browser-based integrations (platforms and applications) must support VMP.”

The default behaviour for browser DRM changed, with licences now only being issued if the platform is verified.

Widevine notes that the desktop version of Linux does not support VMP by default, and an override must be enabled to issue a licence to a Linux desktop.

DStv Now working on it

MyBroadband asked MultiChoice Connected Video whether it was aware of the problems reported by Linux viewers.

The company said that the change was made to the Widevine platform and was not implemented by DStv Now.

It pointed to the same changelog described above which referenced the change made to VMP support.

“We have been busy on a solution which is currently in testing,” MultiChoice said.

“Once testing is complete – and assuming it is successful – we will put the update into production.”

There is no fixed release date for this fix, but the company said it should roll out in the next few weeks.

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DStv Now working on Linux streaming problems