Afrihost Zest T1 a massive hit

Afrihost launched a promotion which included an Android smartphone and mobile data for its existing subscribers at 10:00 on Wednesday, 18 June 2014.

Users who already had Afrihost ClientZone accounts could get a Zest T1 Android smartphone and 1GB of mobile data per month for 12 months for R1,999 once-off.

“We initially only planned to sell 1,000 on today’s exclusive offer to clients but decided to make more available when they sold out within 30 minutes,” a spokesperson for Afrihost said when asked about the day’s sales.

Afrihost increased the number of units available on the promotion by 1,000, and when those sold out, added another 1,000.

“We have already sold over 2,000 units (and counting) so there may be some left over for the general public tomorrow,” Afrihost said.

Asked how much stock they ordered, Afrihost said that they’ve received 4,000 units in total, but that includes demos, spares, and handsets for internal use.

“So we will sell less than 4,000,” Afrihost said.

What happens when all the stock is sold out, though?

“So far it has been overwhelmingly positive, so it’s very likely that we will get more in the near future,” the spokesperson said. “However, the current offer is limited to the stock we have for the moment.”


Delivery times on the devices will depend on the payment method used.

For those who ordered by credit card, Afrihost has prepared to ship out every unit within 48 hours.

“We have ensured that our courier partners are prepared for the number of deliveries we’ve anticipated,” Afrihost said.

Debit order customers may experience a delay of up to 5 working days for payment clearance before the 48-hour delivery period.

“Also, each delivery will require RICA, so there could be unforeseen delays due to clients’ availability,” Afrihost said. “However, we expect to have all orders shipped out well before the end of the month.”

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Afrihost Zest T1 a massive hit