Afrihost Mobile web traffic routing issues resolved

At the start of April, several Afrihost Mobile customers complained on the MyBroadband forums that they were unable to reach a number of sites.

These included Reddit, npmjs, Drupal, Jalopnik, Gizmodo, Fastly, and NYTimes.

Reddit’s apps were also unable to connect.

Afrihost confirmed on 13 April that certain APN users in the Cape region were affected by the issue.

One user stated that their service worked fine inland, but when they travelled to Cape Town they couldn’t access Reddit.

Another noted that all of the affected sites appeared to use Fastly’s delivery network, and that use of a virtual private network service like Tor provided a workaround for the problem.

Content delivery network

Afrihost told MyBroadband that the issue was specific to sites delivered over Fastly.

“Fastly, a content delivery network used by sites like Reddit, Disqus and others, recently launched a local presence in South Africa,” said Afrihost.

“We discovered that their local point of presence was not accepting our mobile IP addresses in some instances, which made certain content unavailable to those users.”

Afrihost said its network team has been in contact with Fastly to address the issue, and any other issues which may arise in the future.

“We believe this issue has been resolved,” said Afrihost.

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Afrihost Mobile web traffic routing issues resolved