Cell C explains data pricing differences

Cell C was the first operator to offer out-of-bundle rates as low as 15c per MB – on its 66c prepaid tariff plan – and has extended this rate to its Connector contract plans.

However, there is still a big difference between in-bundle and out-of-bundle prices for many of its data products.

Many contract packages also offer better value for money than once-off or recurring bundles.

Cell C said that purchasing a combo package or a bulk service is often cheaper than purchasing data products bit by bit.

“When a customer commits to purchase a bundle, we have an indication as to the capacity we require to provide for customers,” said Cell C.

“As a result of an upfront commitment when customers sign a 24-month contract, we can offer better data rates when compared to an ad-hoc data bundle.”

Cell C added that its 30-day data bundles apply to both contract and prepaid customers, and cost the same.

Pricing for its once-off and recurring bundles are also the same, and unused data carries over automatically on recurring bundles.

Cell C said it actively drives users to purchase bundles and reduce their out-of-bundle usage through campaigns and promotions.

Cell C 30-day data bundles

The table below shows the price-per-MB for Cell C’s 30-day data bundles – revealing that bigger packages provide better prices.

Cell C 30-day Bundles
MB Price Price/MB
30 R12 R0.40
60 R20 R0.33
100 R29 R0.29
200 R49 R0.25
500 R99 R0.20
1,024 R149 R0.15
2,048 R249 R0.12
3,072 R299 R0.10
5,120 R399 R0.08
10,240 R599 R0.06
20,480 R799 R0.04
30,720 R899 R0.03

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Cell C explains data pricing differences