Telkom finds LTE battery drain problem

Telkom recently confirmed to MyBroadband that it had identified a problem with battery depletion on Nokia 5 smartphones when connected to its LTE network.

This followed battery depletion tests by MyBroadband using four Nokia 5 devices, each with a SIM from the major local mobile operators.

LTE and Wi-Fi were enabled across all devices and battery life was monitored during the test, with the Telkom Mobile device showing much faster battery depletion than identical devices connected to other networks.

This result matched reports from MyBroadband readers and forum members, and pointed towards increased power usage by a device’s LTE modem when connected to Telkom Mobile’s network.

Telkom was subsequently contacted about the issue and confirmed the existence of the battery drain problem.

The company said it would investigate the cause of the issue and try to resolve it as soon as possible.

“We are conducting network investigations to identify the root cause and are exploring various options to improve battery life,” said Telkom at the time.

“We will work swiftly to resolve the battery life depletion issue.”

Nokia 5 drain

While Telkom apologised to Nokia 5 owners who had experienced the issue, it initially failed to confirm whether this was being experienced on other devices on its network.

Many MyBroadband readers reported they had experienced the battery drain problem on a range of devices, from iPhones to Samsung Galaxy flagships – indicating this may not be exclusive to Nokia 5 smartphones.

MyBroadband contacted Telkom to determine whether the mobile operator had resolved the battery drain problem and if the battery depletion issue was affecting other smartphones, and the network stated it was working on implementing a fix.

“Telkom has tested other devices and the battery impact on the devices is not the same as with the Nokia 5,” said Telkom.

“We have identified the cause of the battery drainage on the Nokia 5 and we are already implementing a series of network optimisations which we believe will improve our network performance and address the battery drainage on the Nokia 5.”

“This optimisation forms part of our ongoing commitment to improve customer experience on our network.”

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Telkom finds LTE battery drain problem