Rain vs Cell C fixed-LTE – Big data bundles vs Night Time bonus

Rain’s fixed-LTE products will stop being sold by ISPs from 1 November 2018, due to capacity constraints on its network.

The end of November also marks the end of Rain’s fixed-LTE double-data promotion, which which saw users who signed up for Rain packages in 2017 receive a double data allocation.

To encourage users to keep using the service, Rain recently confirmed that all active fixed-LTE users will receive free off-peak data from 1 December 2018.

Subscribers will receive off-peak data equalling their anytime allocation from 23:00 to 18:00 each day, along with their original anytime data allocation.

For example: if you are a subscriber with a 55GB package, you will receive 55GB anytime data, and an extra 55GB off-peak data to use between 23:00 to 18:00.

Rain vs Cell C

With Rain’s fixed-LTE packages being taken of the selves soon, broadband customers looking to buy an LTE service do not have much time left to decide if Rain is for them.

To help users make a decision, we have compared Rain’s LTE packages, including the coming off-peak data allocations, against Cell C’s fixed-LTE services.

For the comparison, pricing from Afrihost was used.

Rain’s LTE‑A network currently averages speeds between 10‑50Mbps, while Cell C’s LTE-A network averages between 10-69Mbps, dependent on coverage, said Afrihost.

Both sets of packages offer users a free Huawei B315 router, or a Huawei B618 router for R999.

The table below details the pricing and data allocations of the packages.

Rain vs Cell C LTE
Package Anytime Data Off-Peak Data Price
Cell C 20GB R219
Rain 25GB 25GB R299
Cell C 50GB R349
Cell C 100GB R530
Rain 55GB 55GB R549
Rain 85GB 85GB R799
Cell C 200GB R845
Rain 120GB 120GB R999
Rain 220GB 220GB R1,349
Rain 330GB 330GB R1,599

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Rain vs Cell C fixed-LTE – Big data bundles vs Night Time bonus