Telkom LIT Video problems – 30GB in data lost

A MyBroadband reader reported issues with their Telkom LIT bundle, stating that their any-time data was being used instead of their LIT Video data.

When users with a LIT Video bundle streams Netflix or YouTube, the LIT Video data is meant to be used, but the reader provided MyBroadband with proof that this was not happening.

The user said they had set their apps to the correct settings as outlined by Telkom, which would traditionally be a likely reason that a user’s normal data would be used.

The user added that they had lost 30GB of data due to this issue, and told MyBroadband that their issue hadn’t been resolved over two weeks after initially reporting the issue to Telkom.

Telkom responds

MyBroadband queried the matter with Telkom, and the company said it was investigating the incident.

“As soon as we have received the consent from the customer, our engineering team will start actively tracking the customer usage,” said a Telkom spokesperson.

“Our support staff is busy arranging these permissions with the customer.”

Telkom added that it had reimbursed the customer with all-network data to apologise for the inconvenience, as well as to test the issue alongside the customer.

The customer told MyBroadband that they received this reimbursement a day after Telkom claimed to have provided it.

LIT Video issues

When asked whether other customers had reported similar issues, Telkom said that it does receive “occasional queries” around LIT Video, but most of these are resolved immediately.

“The two most common reasons for the queries are we find out that the customer consumed content from content services outside of our LIT Video content partner portfolio or the customer has deactivated the service (which can be done via a USSD code *180*5*3*1#),” said Telkom.

“We then ensure that the LIT Video service is activated, thus resolving the query.”

Telkom said that it treats reimbursement on an individual case level and reimburses customers based on the merit of their case.

When asked whether issues such as those suffered by the MyBroadband reader are affected by the relationships between Telkom and its supported streaming services, Telkom said that its relationships with each of its partners remain strong.

“Telkom has exceptional relationships with each of our partners and jointly monitor the performance of services, not only the Applications on the Telkom LIT Box but also monitor content partner service delivery across our mobile and fixed networks.”

At the time of publishing, the reader said their all-network data was still being consumed rather than their LIT Video data bundle when they streamed on supported platforms.

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Telkom LIT Video problems – 30GB in data lost