cuts virtual server prices, a South African virtual private server (VPS) startup, has reduced its prices and changed the structure of its packages.

Included in the price reduction is a re-positioning of packages to be more competitive in a South African market that sees small companies move solutions from on-site services to hosted solutions.

Pricing now starts at R95 per month for the basic Pluto package, which includes 1TB of network traffic per month with extra bandwidth available at R95 per TB per month. is a no-contract, month-to-month service, and now also lets clients add RAM and hard drive space to their VPS services for an additional cost. said it will also soon offer clients off-site backups of their VPS servers at R15 per 100GB per month.

New hosting location, better hardware

Besides new pricing, there are product improvements as well. has replaced their hosting hardware infrastructure, and moved from Hetzner to a co-located solution with MWEB Business – owned by Internet Solutions.

It should be noted that does not resell MWEB Business services, and its customers avoided the recent data loss incident at Internet Solutions.

The migration to MWEB Business has allowed to move to bigger hardware as well, which has resulted in an increase in contention ratios per VPS. founder Edwin Peer said they used to run their infrastructure on quad-core servers, but now have 32 cores in a single box.

They have also increased the storage network I/O bandwidth from 1Gbps to 20Gbps for each physical machine.

“The machines are more contended, but the size of the contended pie has significantly increased. This is also why we quote CPU contention per core, rather than per machine,” he said.

Peer said VM performance has improved since launch, with users measuring in the region of four times the I/O bandwidth they used to get.

Pricing breakdown – old vs new

VM Pluto Mercury Mars Neptune
Old New Old New Old New Old New
Price R125 R95 R225 R195 R425 R295 R1,625 R895
CPU 800Mhz 1 VCPU 1.6Ghz 2 VCPUs 3.2Ghz 4 VCPUs Quad 3.2Ghz 12 VCPUs
RAM 512MB 512MB 1GB 1GB 2GB 2GB 8GB 16GB
Disk 50GB 50GB 100GB 100GB 200GB 150GB 800GB 500GB
Network 50GB 1TB 100GB 2TB 250GB 3TB 1TB 9TB

The package changes and price reductions are not uniform across the board, and there are four new packages that make up gaps in the new offerings.

The flagship offering is now the 32-CPU Jupiter with 128GB RAM, 4TB disk space, and 64TB network transfer at R6,495 per month.

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