Internet Solutions’ plans for Microsoft Azure

Internet Solutions expects massive growth in South Africa’s data centre space, and foresees content distribution moving further to the edge of the network.

This according to Saki Missaikos, CEO at IS.

Missaikos made the comments after detailing their plans to use VAST to support faster 4G networks.

He said it is going to get exciting for them when the wireless access point becomes an “edge cloud”.

This will be more than a content delivery network (CDN) as they will have an understanding of how content must be delivered to devices at certain times – delivering to the end user intelligently.

This will help reduce one of the biggest costs for network providers – the backhaul.

Data centre boom

As content moves closer to consumers, Missaikos said Johannesburg may end up hosting 16 or 17 data centres in Sandton alone.

Microsoft recently confirmed it will launch Azure servers in South Africa, and Missaikos said they have partnered with the company to deliver its services through their data centres.

However, IS will not host the servers at the moment.

“We have nine data centres across the country. The problem we’ve got is that they’re 99% full, but we are busy with our next build,” he said.

Instead of providing hardware, Missaikos said they support Azure and other cloud providers through their cloud platform Skylight.

IS loves the fact that the “big boys” in cloud like Microsoft are finally coming into the country. “We think it’s the reason they came here,” said Missaikos.

He said in the beginning, they were worried about being cloud agnostic. They wondered whether all they were doing was getting their clients to move onto Azure and Amazon Web Services.

“You know what happened? The opposite,” he said.

Reasons for this included latency and speed, but they also found their clients enjoyed having the flexibility to move between cloud platforms.

“Most of our clients are doubling and tripling their workloads in our environments.”

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Internet Solutions’ plans for Microsoft Azure