Screw you, SABC

SABC “executive” Hlaudi Motsoeneng, his supporters at the broadcaster, and his government connections have laughed in the face of the law and the public for long enough.

The SABC and Motsoeneng have dismissed court rulings as if they were friendly reminders from an overly-concerned parent – not the legally-enforceable rules of South Africa which are supposed to be upheld by the country’s government – and people are tired of it.

I am tired of it.

Whether it’s damning findings from the Public Protector that he lied about his qualifications, the Supreme Court of Appeal rejecting his bid to appeal the decision that his appointment be set aside, or the ANC stating that his reappointment was the “last straw”, nothing seems to faze Motsoeneng – or prevent him from continuing to work for the SABC.

“The appointment of the corporation’s former COO is without a doubt the last straw that breaks the camel’s back,” said ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu.

Take a hike

On top of all this, Motsoeneng is pocketing a huge salary – with reports stating that he was recently awarded an R11.4-million bonus. The SABC has denied the bonus claims.

Even without the bonus, Motsoeneng was taking home close to R4 million a year at the end of 2015.

R4 million a year for a man who lied to get a job, has been on the losing side of multiple court judgments, and has run our public broadcaster into financial ruin.

All of this led Mthembu to state this was the last straw – and for the ANC that may be the case.

The last straw for me was when I received an SMS telling me to pay R265 to renew my TV licence.

To the SABC and Mr Motsoeneng, here’s my reply: Screw you.

If you think I am going to renew my TV licence, you must be drunk on whichever expensive whisky you buy with our tax money.

“But you need a TV licence to buy a new TV, and SABC inspectors will come to your house if you don’t have one,” I hear you say.

Again, my reply is: Screw you.

I will not pay for a TV licence to fund a corrupt organisation that gorges itself into lethargy and incompetence.

Reducing TV licence income is the first step in not taking this lying down anymore.

As for the TV licence inspectors, you better bring a SWAT team with if you think you are getting into my house.

This article is an opinion piece. MyBroadband does not support or condone the views expressed by all its contributors, and does not encourage civil disobedience in any form.

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Screw you, SABC