Unreleased Pixel Watch left at bar

Just as Apple’s 2010 flagship leaked after being left at a bar, history has repeated itself as the Pixel Watch prototype had its iPhone 4 moment over the weekend.

The unreleased Pixel Watch sat in the lost and found section of a restaurant for several weeks before someone took notice.

This individual was Reddit user “tagtech414,” who did a Reddit AMA on his finding and released the images to Android Central.

While the device doesn’t switch on and the leaker doesn’t know how to charge it, the photos did give a good look at the physical design.

The device is 40mm in diameter, 14mm thick, and weighs 36g. The smartwatch is a plump glass circle, with the top cover being the widest part of the watch circle.

While the diameter is reasonable compared to other watches, the bezels seem to be “quite substantial,” said tagtech414, who revealed the bezels with some clever flashlight work.

Therefore, the display will be smaller than it looks.

The bottom of the watch features an ECG sensor (the big silver halves) and a heart rate monitor (the four sensors in the middle).

A silver band spans the circumference of the watch, which houses a spinning digital crown and one button on the right side, while the left side seems to feature a microphone and speaker.

Additionally, the top and bottom of the silver band feature two big slots for a removable watch band. One of the slots has a set of four gold pogo pins.

While the leak has given a good look at the design of Google’s next-gen Pixel Watch, it still doesn’t offer any clues into the device’s feature set.

Many questions remain unanswered. Hopefully, we’ll get more information about the watch at Google I/O 2022.

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Unreleased Pixel Watch left at bar