Why you should consider a pre-built gaming PC

For many PC gamers, one of the most exciting aspects of getting a new rig is putting it all together.

However, another benefit that some may think would result from building your own PC is that you can save money.

This would be because you are not paying a service fee for the PC store in question to build the rig on your behalf.

Additionally, you would be able to choose to pay less for certain components and more for others, optimising their spend across their gaming PC’s various hardware needs.

Real-world testing

However, If you are willing to settle for the specific range of components available from a pre-built PC product, you can access great savings when compared to buying the components yourself.

For example, MyBroadband compared the price of buying a pre-built PC from Evetech, to buying the same components individually.

When it was unclear which specific component the pre-built computer used, we chose the cheapest option as the individual component in the comparison.

Despite this, the results were clear – you can save a lot of money by buying a new computer using a pre-built PC option.

The price of the pre-built PC in question is R25,499, and is the base option when using this pick-your-component PC builder. The price of the individual components is detailed in the table below.

Pre-built PC from Evetech – Individual component price
Component Cost
RGB Evetech TRIO RGB gaming case R1,999
Antec VP650 80+ R999
Ryzen 7 3800XT R8,099
Gamdias Chione M2-240R AIO liquid cooler R1,699
ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus Motherboard R6,299
16GB DDR4 2,666MHz RAM R1,299
GeForce RTX 2060 Super OC edition R8,999
512GB Ultra-fast SSD up to 550MB/s+ speed R1,299
Integrated HD Sound Card N/A
Integrated Gigabit Network N/A
Total R30,692

This means that purchasing the pre-built version of this computer will save you R5,193.

There are not always savings to be found, however. We checked another popular South African PC store – Wootware – and found that their custom PCs use the exact same prices as if you had bought the components individually.

There is then an additional R579 charge for “PC Assembly, Stress-testing, and Windows Installation.” Note that the Windows 10 product itself is charged separately to this R579 service.

Picking your components

It is clear that those who seek to build a new PC should at the very least consider pre-built PC options before resolving to buy each component individually.

This is because, at least in some cases, it is more affordable to buy your PC using pre-built PC offerings than buying each component individually.

However, some may argue that even when the price of a pre-built PC is lower than the sum of its components, customers are limited in terms of the components available.

This is true – to a point.

If we use the same Evetech example, there are a variety of options in every component category except for the GPU – which in this case is limited to a GeForce RTX 2060 Super.

For example, the user can choose from eight RAM options – from 16GB DDR4 2,666MHz RAM all the way to Corsair Vengeance PRO RGB 3200MHz 64GB Gaming RAM, albeit at an increased cost of R10,499.

Other important options such as adding a second storage device, optical drives, monitors, dedicated sound cards, and improved wireless adapters are all also available from Evetech.

A 2-year warranty is also included in the price of the pre-built PC.

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Why you should consider a pre-built gaming PC