Take a look inside the PlayStation 5

iFixit has published its teardown of the new PlayStation 5 console, providing a look at the hardware inside the next-generation machine.

Opening up the PlayStation 5 console is relatively simple, with both side panels sliding off easily.

This exposes the M.2 SSD expansion slot, the single circular fan, and the dust ports – allowing for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Digging deeper into the device’s internals, iFixit found a high-performance cooling system, comprising a heat pipe for cooling a row of VRMs, as well as a layer of liquid metal over the processor for improved thermal transfer.

Looking at the console’s motherboard, iFixit found Sony’s AMD APU, as well as a custom SSD controller to facilitate the PS5’s fast data transfer rates.

The breakdown found that the PlayStation 5 sports a modular design that lends itself to repairability, although this is somewhat impeded by software locks and Torx security screws.

DualSense Controller

iFixit also disassembled the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, taking a look at the new adaptive triggers and haptic system.

The new controller can be opened up with just four Phillips screws, and the internationals show that the battery is not glued in place – allowing for easier replacements.

iFixit also found that the new adaptive trigger systems are mounted to the black midframe by cables, with half of the controller’s internal space dedicated to the new triggers and haptic system.

The company gave the PlayStation 5 an overall repairability score of 7 out of 10, praising the ease of replacing the outer covers and the access to dust ports.

It added that SSD expansion should be relatively straightforward and the optical drive is simple to replace, but the security screws are a barrier to those without the correct tools.

Check out images of the teardown below, courtesy of iFixit.

PlayStation 5 teardown

PS5 teardown 2

PS5 teardown 1

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Take a look inside the PlayStation 5