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Developer wishlist from redPanda Software

Since 2009, redPanda Software’s team of specialised developers and support staff has mirrored the growth and success of the business: they employ more than 120 people serving customers in South Africa and the UK.

“At redPanda Software, we are looking for well-rounded skilled individuals, with good communication skills, as well as being an all rounder when we talk soft skills,” explains Janine Meldau-Andrews, redPanda Software’s Talent Acquisition Specialist.

“You’re going to be dealing with a wide variety of people in different positions and you’ll need to be able to communicate effectively across the board – from the CEO to the most junior person on the team.”

The company culture is truly unique and Meldau-Andrews describes redPanda Software as “an extremely vibey and positive place to work”.

“Our employees work and play hard, but more importantly, our people know that working for redPanda Software isn’t just a job, it’s a home from home that is here to feed both your professional and personal goals.

“That being said, you need to be able to fit in with people who really love life. We need positive, motivated individuals who have a go-getter spirit, want to grow, and go the extra mile.

“This is the culture infused by our leadership team, who in the past 18 months have grown the company exponentially and have an impressive global client list.”

Meldau-Andrews says that they are particularly excited by candidates who are keen to grow into a new role and aren’t intending to hold the same position for years to come.

Candidates also need to take pride in their work, and Meldau-Andrews uses the CV as the first indicator of this.

“I’m looking for a CV without spelling errors or important details that have been omitted: if you cannot double check your CV, then it doesn’t reflect well on your ability to double check your code,” she explains.

“A winning CV is one that is up to date, complete and in the correct format, with the most recent job listed first and explanations should there be any gaps in employment.”

An updated skills matrix must always be included in the CV highlighting your most recent languages, as well as a full list of duties associated with each job listed on the CV.

“We’re also interested in what you do in your spare time, including learning new software via YouTube or developing personal projects, as this shows that you take initiative and are continuously learning,” Meldau-Andrews adds.

While redPanda Software uses a lot of Agile scrum, Java development and C#, developers in different departments make use of different skills and languages as well and “we are all about learning”.

“We believe in giving people the opportunity and the room they need to grow,” she says.

redPanda Software is also conscious not to waste a candidate’s time, which could potentially result in them losing out on other opportunities while waiting for a response.

Consequently, candidates can expect a response in 24 hours – either that your application has been declined or that redPanda Software is interested in a telephone interview.

Feedback will be given on the same day of the interview, and if positive, will result in a soft skills review.

From there, the necessary background checks and technical assessments will be done, and if successfully completed, an offer will be made.

“The turnaround time is a maximum of two weeks, depending of course on seniority and location, but we can finalise a position in as little as one week,” concludes Meldau-Andrews.

To apply for a developer position at redPanda Software, you can either email [email protected] or visit the redPanda Software website.

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Developer wishlist from redPanda Software