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Win a Nespresso machine by completing this DevSecOps survey

Micro Focus, in partnership with Accenture, is running the DevSecOps Survey 2019, encouraging DevOps teams to “Shift Left” and make security the third part of the DevSecOps trifecta.

Everyone who fills in the survey stands a chance of winning a Nespresso coffee machine.

The survey runs until the first week of August, and covers questions relating to your application landscape, agile development practices, risk and DevOps integration, as well as perceived advantages and future plans for DevSecOps.

“It is always useful to get a view of the local adoption of DEVSECOPS practices. As a local stakeholder community in South Africa, it is useful to share and learn from our peers to further improve and protect our critical and key digital assets,” said Clive Brindley of Accenture.

“Furthermore, common challenges and opportunities can be exploited to make a step change in the overall security posture of existing and new digital assets.”

Whether you are not implementing DevSecOps in your business at all, or you believe that your DevSecOps is already running at an industry standard – take the survey and you may be surprised by where you stand relative to the rest of the industry.

Simply click here, take the survey, and stand a chance to win!

Why DevSecOps is important

DevSecOps is a much-needed reinvention of the traditional DevOps model which ensures that all DevOps operations are conducted within and alongside the structures of a secure IT system.

Many may believe that they have DevSecOps implemented already because they do have some level of IT security implemented around their DevOps framework. However, this is simply not the case.

DevSecOps involves a combined effort between developers, IT security professionals, and operations specialists – from start to finish. This is because implementing security from the beginning ensures a holistic, complete security profile, rather than one which is tacked on at the end of the DevOps project.

This is important for a number of reasons, including:

  • Shorter development cycles.
  • Security systems that work as a unit.
  • Quicker problem-solving.
  • Easier automation.


If your security is baked into your DevOps operations from the start, it becomes much easier to develop automated systems that require less intervention on the side of your security team.

Automation of security also saves your business money, and ensures speedier and more efficient use of resources.

Ways of automating security within DevSecOps implementations include:

  • Automatically running SAST (Static Application Security Testing) and DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) tools regularly to discover security flaws
  • Continuous monitoring, security repairs, and system audits
  • Automated security updates to protect against the latest exploits.

Complete the DevSecOps Survey 2019 today and stand a chance to win great prizes!

This article was published in partnership with Micro Focus.

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Win a Nespresso machine by completing this DevSecOps survey