Big Afrihost downtime

Afrihost’s website, hosting services, and network are experiencing major issues this morning.

According to reports on DownDetector and social media, Afrihost web hosting and email customers are unable to access their respective services, with many users reporting that the ISPs Internet services are also unavailable.

Attempting to access the Afrihost website returns an Error 524 page which states that the origin web server timed out responding to the request.

Users who have managed to access the Afrihost website were presented with the following message regarding the network issues.

Please note we are experiencing issues with our network and are working with our engineers to resolve this. We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing.

MyBroadband reached out to Afrihost for feedback on when this outage would be resolved.

Below is the DownDetector graph showing a spike in reported outages at around 09:00 on Wednesday morning.

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