New features coming to Microsoft’s Edge browser

Microsoft has revealed an updated roadmap for its Chromium-based Edge browser.

Users have reported several minor issues with the reworked browser and requested the addition of a number of features since its official release in mid-January.

The planned changes include a fix for the synchronisation and duplication of favourites, as well as deleted favourites reappearing.

Possible new features coming in February include the ability to sync extensions across devices which have the browser installed.

Additionally, Microsoft said it wants to add the option to set a custom photo as the New Tab Page background, as well as improve the handling of links for more than one profile.

Features coming later

Along with the updates arriving in February, Microsoft listed other features that are being planned for a later stage.

These include support to read PDF files aloud, the syncing of browsing history across devices and the ability to prevent the auto-play of video and audio when the user opens a website.

Microsoft also listed a host of features which it is currently only considering to add, in addition to user-requested features that are not being planned.

Linux users could soon be able to try out the browser, as Microsoft has indicated it also plans to add support for the OS.

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New features coming to Microsoft’s Edge browser