Google rolls out .meme domains

Google’s registrar business has started offering the ability to register a website ending in “.meme”.

In an announcement on the launch, Google said it was fitting that memes had their own top-level domain, as they were the “embodiment of Internet culture”.

The new top-level domain is now available for registration as part of Google Registry’s Early Access Period (EAP) for an additional one-time fee.

Google said this fee will decrease according to a daily schedule until 5 December 2023.

From 16:00 UTC (18:00 South African Standard Time) on 5 December, .meme domains will be publicly available at a base annual price through multiple registrars.

For a list of registrars that will offer .meme domain registrations, interested customers can visit

Google Registry also shared six partners— and four cat websites — already using the .meme domain:

  • Know Your Meme ( and keeps your finger on the pulse of the most important trends happening in the world of memes and internet culture.
  • 10PM Curfew ( and is one of the world’s largest female lifestyle, beauty, wellness and fashion networks.
  • Rudy Willingham ( is an artist who shares printable meme stickers.
  • License.Meme is a premier clearinghouse to license the world’s most famous memes.
  • advises brands on meme media plans and content strategies and has worked on campaigns for some of the world’s largest companies.
  • Tenor ( makes it easy for anyone to express themselves through GIFs and memes.
  • Grumpy Cat ( is possibly the most famous cat in the world, and one of the top-shared memes thanks to her endearing yet sour expression.
  • Keyboard Cat ( is the godfather of cat memes. It was filmed in 1984, but wasn’t widely discovered until 2009 when it found fame.
  • Nyan Cat ( is another web classic — journey through a digital realm with a rainbow-trailing cat, accompanied by its iconic melody.
  • Cat.Meme is a curated destination for the most shareable, funny and cute cat memes on the internet.

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Google rolls out .meme domains