Internet usage and home language

New research by Analytix BI, a South African market research company, shows that South Africa’s English speaking population has by far the highest Internet penetration in the country.

Analytix BI’s latest report, titled South Africa Country Report: Telecommunications Market, landline use at home in freefall since 2005 and the cellphone/mobile phone market plateauing.

“The SA telecoms market will need to encourage significantly higher Internet and data usage to grow revenue,” stated the report.

Internet penetration and language

According to the report Internet usage in the past 7 days was significantly higher among the English speaking population at 45%, compared to the other home languages. Afrikaans speakers had the second highest Internet penetration at 27%.

The following graph provides an overview of internet penetration related to home language.

Internet used over last 7 days
Internet used over last 7 days

Effective Measure’s latest statistics substantiate Analytix BI’s basic statistics, also showing that English and Afrikaans are the most prominent languages among South African Internet users.

It should be noted that Effective Measure’s survey asked which language Internet users speak at home, which shows higher percentages that Analytix BI’s home language measurement.

Spoken languages at home
Spoken languages at home

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Internet usage and home language