Don’t use these passwords

Keeper has released its most common passwords of 2016 list, detailing the biggest mistakes users make when selecting a password.

“We couldn’t stop shaking our heads. Nearly 17% of users are safeguarding their accounts with 123456,” said Keeper.

The list is based on 10 million passwords which became public through data breaches in 2016.

“Four of the top 10 passwords on the list – and seven of the top 15 – are six characters or shorter. This is stunning in light of the fact that today’s brute-force cracking software and hardware can unscramble those passwords in seconds.”

“Website operators that permit such flimsy protection are either reckless or lazy.”

Don’t use these passwords

Keeper said users should avoid using common passwords – like 123456 – along with pattern passwords like 1q2w3e4r.

“Dictionary-based password crackers know to look for sequential key variations. At best, it sets them back only a few seconds.”

It said the presence of “random” passwords like 18atcskd2w and 3rjs1la7qe on the list are due to bots repeatedly using these codes when they set up dummy email accounts.

Most Common Passwords of 2016
1 123456
2 123456789
3 qwert
4 12345678
5 111111
6 1234567890
7 1234567
8 password
9 123123
10 987654321
11 qwertyuiop
12 mynoob
13 123321
14 666666
15 18atcskd2w
16 7777777
17 1q2w3e4r
18 654321
19 555555
20 3rjs1la7qe
21 google
22 1q2w3e4r5t
23 123qwe
24 zxcvbnm
25 1q2w3e

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Don’t use these passwords