Fighting crime using high-tech cameras

Nashua, RSS, TRSS, and OSM have joined forces in a new initiative to combat hijackings, armed robberies, and smash-and-grabs on William Nicol Drive in Johannesburg.

In recent years William Nicol Drive has become a crime hotspot, with a spate of incidents at intersections along the road.

Initiatives involving the JMPD, local police stations, and community policing forums have been launched to make William Nicol Drive safer, but crime continues to plague the road.

The continued attacks on motorists concerned Nashua Central CEO Phil McDiarmid and RSS Security Services CEO Brett Fisher, who decided to do something about it.

McDiarmid launched a site investigation to find out what can be done to fight crime along William Nicol Drive and in Fourways, and create a safer environment for road users and residents.

“Nashua does business with many of the businesses located in the Fourways area and many of our staff members reside here too,” McDiarmid said.

“We believe that as a business service provider and employer, we need to invest and contribute towards the safety and well-being of the community.

Advanced cameras installed

Nashua then partnered with TRSS, RSS Security Services, and OSM to install state-of-the-art cameras to monitor hotspots and fight criminal activities.

Fisher explained that the IP cameras they installed have “amazing software”, including automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and excellent analytics tools.

These technologies alert security companies and the SAPS to criminals in the area, which enables the authorities to apprehend them before they commit a crime.

“Through these technologies and swift action, we are essentially stopping the crime before it happens,” Fisher said.

“We hope to see a huge reduction in smash and grabs, hijackings, and other crimes in the area,” McDiarmid said.

Next phase already planned

Fisher told MyBroadband that they are already planning the next phase of the project, which will focus on reducing crime in Craigavon.

This project will see the installation of IP cameras in the neighbourhood with active monitoring by OSM.

Suspicious activity will be flagged and result in a proactive response by TRSS Reaction personnel.

This strategy has been very successful in making neighbourhoods safer, and Fisher is confident that it will result in making Craigavon safer too.

Camera feeds with intelligence built in

The images below show the “intelligent” IP camera system in action.

Number Plate Identification
Person identified
Joggers identified
Cyclists Identified

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Fighting crime using high-tech cameras