SAPS website still vulnerable: hacker

The hacker that recently leaked information obtained with a simple SQL injection attack from the website of the South African Police Service (SAPS) said that the website is still vulnerable to hackers through different means.

“Up until yesterday (26 May 2013) I was still able to access the server, I haven’t tried today,” the hacker going by the moniker “Domainer” told MyBroadband.

This follows a recent tweet by Domainer suggesting that SAPS statements that the website had been secured are false.

Domainer took responsibility for a hack on the SAPS website and the leak of almost 15,800 comments obtained from the site’s database, which included the ID numbers and other sensitive information of many commenters.

SAPS website still vulnerable tweet from Domainer
SAPS website still vulnerable tweet from Domainer

Asked if the website was still vulnerable to the same attack used to obtain the comments they had leaked onto the web, Domainer said that they’ve progressed past the stage of an SQL attack.

“Their server has been back-doored and it will take them some figuring out,” Domainer said.

“I must say I did laugh when I read that SAPS had hired crack hackers to keep me out,” the hacker added. “Well I guess I can take comfort in knowing that I have created job opportunities in South Africa!”

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SAPS website still vulnerable: hacker