ANC website attacker interviewed

The distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that took down the websites of the African National Congress ( and Independent Newspapers (, used a botnet to disrupt the websites. This is according to the anonymous person behind the attacks.

“We use bots like Andromeda, Pandora, and Athena,” the hacker-activist going by Anonymous Africa, or @zim4thewin on Twitter (henceforth Invader Zim), told MyBroadband. “[It’s] very easy to create your own botnet.”

When asked via Twitter earlier today (14 June 2013) about the attack on the ANC website, Invader Zim said that they would be using a “tsunami DDoS” against the main ANC website.

Asked for more details about what they meant by this exactly, Zim said that it’s “just an adjective”.

Twitter warnings

Part of Invader Zim’s modus operandi is to warn organisations via Twitter before the attacks are launched on their websites.

Asked why they provide advance warning, Zim said it’s purely because the attack has more impact for both the viewers and the target, as there is nothing the target can do.

According to Zim, they use only Twitter as a warning mechanism.

“We limit our methods of communication for security sake.”

Freedom of speech?

Responding to comments that Invader Zim had infringed on others’ freedom of speech by disrupting the websites they targeted, Zim argued that it was just a protest and no permanent damage was done.

“They are free to make any comments they want, no-one has taken away that right,” Zim said, adding that they (Anonymous Africa) are free to protest their opinion.

“We did no permanent damage and made no demands against free speech. We are just letting the world know that the ANC supports the mass murderer Mugabe and this is a powerful way of getting our message across,” Zim said.

Next target

What’s next for Invader Zim?

“Swaziland is next on our list, so expect targets from there.”

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ANC website attacker interviewed