iOS vs Android – Smartphone hardware comparison

While high-end Android smartphone processors are powerful, they pale in comparison to Apple chips in certain benchmarks.

The Apple A10 Fusion chipset in the iPhone 7 is a powerful processor optimised for use with iOS – which shows in performance tests.

We compiled benchmark data for processors found in modern iOS and Android devices to determine the performance difference between the hardware groups.

User-submitted data from the Geekbench Browser, which provides Geekbench 4 benchmark results for both multi-core and single-core performance, was used.

While the hardware inside the high-end Xiaomi and Huawei devices showed a slight edge over the iPhone 7 in multi-core performance, Apple’s hardware defeats its competition in single-thread processing power.

Apple’s A10 Fusion processor also boasts almost double the single-core performance of the hardware inside Samsung’s Galaxy S8+, as shown in the tables below.

iOS Benchmarks

iphone 7 back camera

Processor Device Single-Core Multi-Core
Apple A10 Fusion @ 2.3GHz iPhone 7 Plus 3,333 5,533
Apple A10 Fusion @ 2.3GHz iPhone 7 3,325 5,516
Apple A9X @ 2.3GHz iPad Pro 12.9-inch 3,029 4,961
Apple A9X @ 2.3 GHz iPad Pro 9.7-inch 2,956 4,855
Apple A9 @ 1.8GHz iPhone SE 2,400 4,072
Apple A9 @ 1.8GHz iPhone 6s Plus 2,396 4,054
Apple A9 @ 1.8GHz iPhone 6s 2,314 3,922
Apple A8X @ 1.5GHz iPad Air 2 1,792 4,095

Android Benchmarks

Huawei P9 Header

Processor Device Single-Core Multi-Core
Snapdragon 835 @ 1.9GHz Xiaomi Mi 6 1,904 6,006
HiSilicon Kirin 960 @ 1.8GHz Huawei P10 Plus 1,892 5,804
HiSilicon Kirin 960 @ 1.8GHz Huawei Mate 9 1,887 5,989
HiSilicon Kirin 950 @ 1.8GHz Huawei Honor V8 1,827 5,425
Samsung Exynos 8890 @ 1.6GHz Samsung Galaxy S7 1,800 5,269
Snapdragon 821 @ 2.2GHz Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus 1,797 4,122
HiSilicon Kirin 955 @ 1.8GHz Huawei P9 Plus 1,795 5,153
Samsung Exynos 8895 @ 1.6GHz Samsung Galaxy S8+ 1,792 5,500

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iOS vs Android – Smartphone hardware comparison