Crash Skype with this simple message

A bug in Skype makes it possible for anyone to crash the Windows version of the messaging app by sending an 8-character message.

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There are reports that Skype on iOS and Android is also susceptible to the bug. The Verge reported that on its testing, Skype for Android wasn’t affected.

The touch-optimised version of Skype for Windows 8.1 is also not affected, according to reports.

If you are on one of the affected platforms and receive the message http://: , Skype will crash and it will keep crashing every time you launch it.

Skype crash message

MyBroadband tested the bug on OS X and Windows, and can confirm that Windows was vulnerable to the issue, while OS X was not.

A suggested workaround on the Skype community forums is to ask the person who sent the crash message to delete it, and to install an older version of Skype.

In our tests we were able to get Skype for Windows to temporarily stop crashing by deleting the message and deleting the conversation, from the sender’s end.

News of the Skype issue comes days after a bug in Apple’s message notification system in iOS was discovered.

It is possible to trigger a quick reboot on an iPhone by sending a specific message to it through any app that uses iOS notifications.

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Crash Skype with this simple message