Top programming languages in the world

Stack Overflow recently published the results of its annual developer survey, revealing its findings on the most popular programming languages.

Over 50,000 developers from 173 countries responded to the survey.

Stack Overflow said it also augmented some of the results with insights from the activity of its 40 million monthly visitors.

It found that JavaScript remains the most popular technology among developers, with SQL and SQL Server a close second.

“PHP appears to be falling out of favour as Node and Angular emerge,” said Stack Overflow.

StackOverflow 2016 - top technologies

Most popular tech among full-stack devs

Stack Overflow’s report also showed which technologies were most popular among developers who identify as full-stack, front-end, back-end, mobile, math and data, or as a student.

“JavaScript is the most commonly-used programming language on earth. Even back-end developers are more likely to use it than any other language.”

StackOverflow 2016 - full stack languages

Most popular tech among front-end devs

StackOverflow 2016 - front end languages

Most popular tech among back-end devs

StackOverflow 2016 - back end languages

Most popular tech among mobile devs

StackOverflow 2016 - mobile languages

Most popular tech among math and data devs

StackOverflow 2016 - math and data languages

Most popular tech among students

StackOverflow 2016 - student languages

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Most popular programming languages

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Top programming languages in the world