Which programmers work late at night

An article by data scientist David Robinson on Stack Overflow has provided insight into which programming languages receive queries during certain times of the day.

Robinson examined Stack Overflow visits by hour across four weeks in August 2016, looking at the 250 tags with the most questions.

“For each, we approximated the time zone based on the IP address and calculated the local time,” he said. He then removed data from Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, to get accurate “work” times.

His findings included the following:

  • C# programmers start and stop their day earlier, and tend to use the language less in the evenings.
  • C programmers start the day a bit later, keep using the language in the evening, and stay up the longest.
  • Python and JavaScript developers start and end the day a little later than C# users, and are a little less likely than C programmers to work in the evening.

Robinson also provided an overview of which languages are visited the most and least on Stack Overflow during a “9 to 5” workday – as shown in the graphic below.


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Which programmers work late at night