Google Chrome 59 released – The details

Google has released Chrome 59, which includes a number of new features. Chrome 59 is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The first thing users will notice is a redesigned Settings section, which features a more modern look, centred on the page, and includes coloured sliders for on/off options.

Bleeping Computer reported that Chrome 59 uses Material Design, Google’s UI, and is the first version of Chrome to do so.

The new version also features support for a “headless mode”. This lets software testers script Chrome interactions without starting the user interface.

Desktop notifications for macOS have also been included in Chrome 59, which will use the OS’s Notifications API.

Other features include:

  • WritableStreams are now available as part of the Streams API.
  • The Streams API has been expanded.
  • Developers can use the getInstalledRelatedApps function to consolidate push notifications.
  • The Image Capture API allows sites to take higher-resolution images than before.

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Google Chrome 59 released – The details