The programming languages in high demand in South Africa

Software development is once again at the top of CareerJunction’s “most wanted skills” list, with many vacancies listed for Java, C#, and .Net developers.

Developers have been in high demand over the past year, as companies shift their focus to software-based systems or applications to compete effectively.

While CareerJunction lists Java, C#, and .Net developers as having good employment prospects, more niche programming languages are also in high demand.

Philip Joubert, co-founder at OfferZen – which specialises in matching developers with companies – said there are significant skills shortages for languages like Ruby, Go, and Scala.

“We’ve also seen that companies are struggling to find front-end developers. Front-end development has become a much more important aspect of software development in the past few years,” said Joubert.

“Frameworks like React and Angular allow you to build interfaces which weren’t possible before, and companies are eager to find developers who can do that. The shortage is probably also linked to the fact that most universities and colleges focus on back-end technologies.”

Data science

Joubert added that the demand for data scientists is also “huge”, especially when it comes to developers with experience in machine learning.

“Compared to other professional domains, software development has always been more meritocratic, but we’re seeing that happen even more,” said Joubert.

“Due to the shortage of developers, even more companies are being forced to be more open-minded about self-taught developers.”

Joubert said the massive demand for software developers is set to continue in the coming years, and may increase as universities and colleges “simply aren’t producing enough developers each year”.

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The programming languages in high demand in South Africa