Why Windows 10 users are giving up Chrome for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is working hard on its new Edge browser, which is overhauled and based on Google’s Chromium web engine.

Not only does this increase general compatibility while browsing, it also allows for faster navigation and better integration with Google’s search engine.

This move is motivated by a desire to improve the native web browsing experience on Windows 10 devices, and Chromium is the best engine to choose to reach this goal.

The new Edge browser will also offer better battery life and hardware integration across all Windows devices.

Following the announcement of the browser, Microsoft released a preview build of the new Edge – and users appear to be migrating to the new platform.

Replacing Chrome with Edge

According to Softpedia News, users are migrating to the Chromium-based Edge thanks to its improved speed on Windows 10, new features, and a curiosity to test out the new software.

It is important to note, however, that the browser is only in a testing phase and has not been officially launched as yet.

This is backed up by NetMarketShare data, which shows a decline in the number of people using Chrome – with Edge market share increasing.

This data does fluctuate, but trends over the last few months show a shift towards other browsers including Edge and Firefox.

The market share of the top five desktop browsers is detailed below.

Browser Feb 2019 Mar 2019 Apr 2019
Chrome 66.89% 67.88% 65.64%
Firefox 9.39% 9.27% 10.23%
Internet Explorer 11 6.69% 6.65% 7.49%
Edge 4.79% 5.20% 5.53%
Safari 3.56% 3.69% 3.58%

Reasons to switch

While a stable version of the new Microsoft Edge has not been released, the preview build allows users to learn about and experience the new browser.

Google Chrome users would find migrating to the new version of Edge relatively easy, as it is built on the same core and behaves similarly.

However, there are a number of Microsoft-specific advantages – such as support for both Google’s Widevine DRM and Microsoft’s PlayReady DRM.

This support allows users to watch 4K Netflix content within the browser when running on Windows 10, something standard Chrome is incapable of doing.

Microsoft Edge also includes integration with Windows Defender SmartScreen, allowing for safer browsing and protection against malicious downloads.

The browser also allows users to use their Microsoft Account as a single sign-in option and authentication, and users can install extensions from either the Chrome Web Store or the Microsoft Store.

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Why Windows 10 users are giving up Chrome for Microsoft Edge