Apple Mac virus free claims under fire

The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa recently published their ruling on a complaint from a consumer made against Core Group for a MacBook and MacBook Pro advertisement.

According to the ASA, the advertisement listed “4 reasons to love Mac,” one of which was “Virus Free” with the explanation: “Thanks to the solid UNIX foundation of the crash resistant Mac OS X, you can be sure that Mac is virus free.”

In the ruling the ASA states that the complaint was that the advertisement is misleading because there are viruses for Mac OS X. The ASA noted that they have a similar case on file where Core undertook never to make the claim again.

Core Group said that the claim was used in their new ad as a result of human error, the ASA reported. Core apologised and said that the error will not happen again.

Although the ASA directorate usually accept undertakings by companies to willingly remove their advertisements without ruling on the matter, it made a ruling this time after noting that this is a repeat offence. However, the ASA also said that this is the only repeat offence on their records since March 2009 and as such they don’t believe the advertisement showed deliberate or flagrant disregard for the previous ruling.

“The Directorate therefore deems it unnecessary to impose sanctions at this stage,” the ASA said.

Upholding the complaint, the ASA warned Core that should they receive a similar complaint against its advertising and an adverse ruling is made, they may take into account the 2009 ruling as well as this one when imposing sanctions.

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Apple Mac virus free claims under fire