The most popular programming languages in the world

According to the latest Tiobe Index, Java just edges out C as the most popular programming language in the world.

Tiobe also said it will announce its programming language of 2019 in January 2020.

“There are 4 candidates for this title: Java (+1.3%), C (+1.8%), Python (+1.9%) and C# (+1.4%),” said Tiobe.

Tiobe highlighted that all four of these languages are in the top five most popular languages as of December 2019, while only only one of the top 5 languages – C++ – has lost popularity year-on-year.

Tiobe said that Python is the favourite for the title of Language of the Year.

“It was already programming language of the year 2018, but its popularity keeps growing. This is mainly due to the lack of programmers in the world and the ease of learning this language if compared to other languages.”

Tiobe said that C is doing well due to the rise of Internet of Things, but it was unclear why Java and C# are doing as well as they are.

PYPL rankings

The PYPL rankings claim that Python is the most popular programming language as of December 2019, followed by Java and JavaScript.

According to PYPL, Python has grown more than any other major language over the past five years.

In contrast, Java has lost the most popularity, dropping by 6.9%.

December 2019 rankings

The top 10 programming languages for December 2019, according to the Tiobe Index and PYPL rankings, are detailed below.

December 2019
Tiobe Index Change YoY PYPL Ranking Change YoY
Java +1.32% Python +4.1%
C +1.80% Java -2.2%
Python +1.93% JavaScript +0.0%
C++ -1.37% C# -0.4%
C# +1.35% PHP -1.0%
Visual Basic .NET -2.38% C/C++ -0.3%
JavaScript -0.97% R -0.2%
PHP -0.39% Objective-C -0.6%
SQL -0.34% Swift -0.1%
Swift +0.27% Matlab -0.2%

Calculating the rankings

  • PYPL – The more a language tutorial is searched, the more popular the language is assumed to be. The raw data comes from Google Trends.
  • Tiobe – The ratings are based on the number of skilled engineers worldwide, courses, and third-party vendors. Popular search engines are also used to calculate the ratings.

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The most popular programming languages in the world