iPhone-Windows 11 syncing now available to all users

Microsoft has announced that iOS support in its Phone Link app on Windows 11 is now available to all users.

The company first previewed the feature to Windows Insiders in late February 2023 before beginning a wider rollout around two months later.

In a 15 May 2023 update to its blog post discussing the feature, Microsoft said it was pleased to announce Phone Link for iOS was now available to all Windows 11 users.

“With the ability to now make this PC/iOS Phone connection, we hope our Windows 11 customers will never have to worry about missing an important phone call or text while focusing on their Windows PC,” said Windows and Devices corporate vice president Ali Akgun.

Phone Link lets users synchronise apps and data on their smartphones with their Windows computers.

Android users have had Phone Link available for some time, allowing them to make and take phone calls, view and send messages, get notifications, and open and control apps from their Windows PC.

Phone Link for iOS initially offers only support for calling, messaging, contact viewing, notifications, and iCloud media access.

Messaging is fairly limited, however, with image, video, and group sharing currently not supported.

In addition, messages are session-based and will only be delivered to the computer when the phone is connected to the PC.

To use Phone Link for iOS, you will need to have iOS version 14 or later installed on your iPhone and the latest version of the Phone Link app on Windows 11.

To sync your iPhone with your Windows machine, open the latest Phone Link app on your computer and follow the on-screen steps.

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iPhone-Windows 11 syncing now available to all users