Rubik’s Cube record smashed, using one hand

An Indian student has set a new Rubik’s Cube record by solving five of the puzzles in just over a minute using only one hand, organizers said Wednesday.

Bhargav Narasimhan, 22, from the southern city of Chennai, achieved the feat in 1.23.93 minutes at an event in the city recently.

He broke the existing Guinness World Record of 1.52 minutes set in the category by Yumu Tabuchi of Japan in 2010, said Gayathri Dinesh, who organized the event.

“I have broken the previous record of solving five cubes one handed by almost 30 seconds. Speedcubing is my passion and I am addicted to it,” Narasimhan said by telephone from Chennai.

Narasimhan, who pursuing a doctorate in pharmacy, said he will submit the video evidence and witness statements to the Guinness World Records, which will certify his time after about a month.

Narasimhan began solving cubes about five years ago and devotes four hours a week to his passion.

He has participated in 30 competitions held by the World Cube Association and holds 40 national records and two Asian records.

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Rubik’s Cube record smashed, using one hand