Samsung introduces TecTiles for Galaxy

Samsung have introduced TecTiles, which are programmable NFC stickers that will change your Galaxy’s settings upon making contact with the stickers.

Selling at $14.99 (R126.00*) for a pack of five, the TecTile stickers can be placed around your house, allowing a phone to be swiped across them and automatically changing your current settings to predetermined ones associated with the sticker.

For instance, you could place a sticker on your steering wheel, and when tapping your phone it would activate Bluetooth, change your ring settings or any other features.

Another example could include placing a sticker next to your nightstand, and tapping your phone to it could change your alarm clock settings, readying them for the morning.

The stickers can also synch with social networks, allowing you to update Facebook or Foursquare with the swipe of your phone.

The stickers use NFC (Near Field Communication), which is being utilised more and more from mobile phone manufacturers and devices.

Samsung Tectile sticker
Source: Engadget/Samsung Press Release
*Exchange rates calculate at time of article

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Samsung introduces TecTiles for Galaxy