Woolworths explains incorrect nutritional information

Woolworths explained that a change in the size of sausages was behind incorrect nutritional information on its packaging.

MyBroadband recently investigated the accuracy of nutritional information on food packaging and found a few discrepancies.

One of these was Woolworth’s Cheese Grillers, which incorrectly stated that each sausage contains 408kJ of energy.

The 375g package contained six sausages of 62.5g each. At 1,224kJ per 100g, this translates into 702.5kJ per sausage.

This inaccurate information may mislead people who rely on nutritional information on food packaging to maintain a calorie-controlled diet.

Woolworths explains

Woolworths explained that the Cheese Griller sausages were previously shorter, but were changed to a longer version which changed the weight of individual sausages from about 33g to 62.5g each.

“When the sausages were changed to the longer version, the front label of the product was corrected to indicate the new product weight, namely 375g,” Woolworths said.

“However, a miscommunication caused the update of the back label to the new sausage weight to be omitted, thus causing the subsequent nutritional information per sausage error.”

The company said it is an isolated mistake is an unfortunate oversight that it has now corrected. The label correction will be phased in to minimise packaging waste.

Woolworths Cheese Grillers packaging

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Woolworths explains incorrect nutritional information