3.8Gbps LTE speed achieved

Nokia and SK Telecom have set a new world record for LTE with a throughput of 3.8Gbps, a speed that would allow mobile broadband users to download a full-length 5GB high-definition movie in 11 seconds.

This was achieved by converging the TDD and FDD LTE spectrum, aggregating 10 frequencies allocated for both LTE variants to provide 200MHz of bandwidth. The demonstration was made during the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai, China, in June.

The speed record was accomplished with Nokia’s Single RAN solution including the high-capacity commercial Flexi Multiradio 10 BTS enhanced, with software to aggregate carriers on both TDD and FDD LTE spectrum and to implement LTE-Advanced MIMO technology.

With this demonstration, Nokia and SK Telecom have successfully achieved twice the amount of carriers and bandwidth specified by 3GPP, which foresees the aggregation of 5 carriers up to a total bandwidth of 100MHz.

“There are significant benefits for operators in all geographical regions in combining their TDD and FDD LTE spectrum resources,” Nokia said.

One of the advantages is the increased capacity for downlink and uplink data-intensive applications such as video streaming, and the ability to eliminate supplementary downlink completely.

Nokia has already deployed a number of TDD-FDD networks and is working closely with 3GPP and several operators to make TDD-FDD convergent networks a commercial reality to match and exceed the expectations of the most demanding mobile users.

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3.8Gbps LTE speed achieved