MWEB shuts down Wi-Fi service

MWEB Wi-Fi has shut down and is directing users to connect to AlwaysOn instead.

(Also see: Future of MWEB Wi-Fi. MWEB’s Fon service is not being shut down.)

AlwaysOn is owned by Internet Solutions, a Dimension Data company, which said in 2014 it was planning to acquire a number of MWEB assets.

The acquisition was conditionally approved on 18 December, paving the way for Internet Solutions to buy MWEB Business, and the Optinet Service and Network Divisions from MWEB. The transaction was set to go through on 2 January 2015.

MWEB retained its consumer Internet service provider business – though its bandwidth contracts transferred to Internet Solutions — as well as MWEB Wi-Fi.

The closure of MWEB Wi-Fi therefore comes as a surprise.

Mweb Wi-Fi discontinued tweet - part 1
Mweb Wi-Fi discontinued
Mweb Wi-Fi discontinued tweet - part 2
Mweb Wi-Fi discontinued – go to AlwaysOn

Asked about the deal between MWEB and Internet Solutions, AlwaysOn boss Hayden Lamberti told MyBroadband that there is no deal between the two companies regarding their Wi-Fi networks.

“We received an SMS on Friday saying MWEB Wi-Fi was turning off its customers and they were being handed over to us,” Lamberti said, adding that AlwaysOn is more than happy to have them sign up.

Lamberti highlighted that the MWEB Wi-Fi infrastructure was sold to WirelessCo, a new wholesale Wi-Fi company owned by Dimension Data (51%) and MultiChoice (49%), which was set up as part of a separate transaction concluded last year.

If Mweb no longer wishes to use the WirelessCo infrastructure, then it can not offer Wi-Fi services to its customers any longer either, he said.

Thanks to Jargon for the tip.

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MWEB shuts down Wi-Fi service