How to create a killer LTE set-up

Andre Fourie, Chairman at Poynting Group, has explained how you can build a killer LTE set-up which provides great speeds, low latency and jitter, and high reliability.

Fourie said the solution is costly, but it is effective and provides users with great performance and redundancy.

The set-up requires you to combine two LTE routers with two SIMs, preferably from different operators, using a load balancer and external antennas.

“Outdoor antennas give a massive improvement on upload speeds, with good improvement on download speeds,” said Fourie.

“Combining two routers, two operators, and two outdoor antennas results in around two-times the download speed and six-times upload speed when compared with the same solution with indoor antennas.”

He said pointing the external antennas to base stations in different directions gives the best results.

“The combined solution gives the lowest latency of the two operators. Our best case is interesting because the “slower” speed operator had the best latency, so load balancing gives the best of both worlds,” he said.

Indoor LTE set-up

The indoor set-up consists of two routers, a load balancer, and indoor antennas (which are replaced by outdoor antennas for better performance).

Indoor LTE setup

Outdoor LTE set-up

The set-up is based on the above, with the indoor antennas replaced with Poynting’s XPOL-6-10M outdoor antennas.



Fourie said the configuration using two operators with two external antennas pointing in different directions gives really “bomb-proof” reliability.

“The weakest link in terms of reliability is likely the load balancing box which could break, but one can still connect to either LTE router directly,” said Fourie.

The table below shows the performance improvements which the different configurations provide.

LTE Test Results
Operator 1 Operator 2 Antenna Latency Jitter Download Upload
Vodacom Stubby 23ms 8ms 24.54Mbps 4.99Mbps
Telkom Stubby 15ms 2ms 18.96Mbps 0.90Mbps
Vodacom Integrated 40ms 1ms 33.96Mbps 6.05Mbps
Telkom Integrated 15ms 2ms 18.25Mbps 0.98Mbps
Vodacom Telkom Integrated 31ms 10ms 43.07Mbps 4.13Mbps
Telkom Poynting Outdoor 15ms 8ms 23.01Mbps 4.81Mbps
Vodacom Poynting Outdoor 32ms 6ms 27.14Mbps 13.02Mbps
Vodacom Telkom Poynting Outdoor (Different Directions) 38ms 0ms 70.40Mbps 23.05Mbps
Vodacom Telkom Poynting Outdoor (Same Direction) 15ms 8ms 47.17Mbps 13.49Mbps
Telkom Telkom Poynting Outdoor (Same Direction) 14ms 11ms 46.00Mbps 9.04Mbps

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How to create a killer LTE set-up