Rain refunds customers after billing problems

Rain has confirmed that it suffered an issue that resulted in some clients being incorrectly billed for their services.

One reader who contacted MyBroadband said they had downgraded their 5G service to Rain’s unlimited off-peak 4G data product because they were not satisfied with the performance of their 5G connection.

They received confirmation that they had been downgraded, and were told in the confirmation email that they would be charged a pro-rata rate for the 4G product of R241.67, and from July onwards they would pay the full R250 per month.

However, the user said they were then billed for the full price of the 5G service on the same day – which comes to nearly double the price they were meant to pay as per the confirmation email.

Many similar reports

There have also been numerous reports on Hellopeter complaining about similar billing issues.

“I registered for a SIM card and I got 2 SIM cards delivered. I didn’t understand why this was done, however, I had the one SIM card cancelled and only activated the one,” said one user.

“I started using it a week before the end of May. What happened to the pro-rata amount? I am again now billed for the second SIM card, which I didn’t active and don’t understand why?”

Another user said they were double charged for their Rain SIM.

“My wife and I took out the 5G R699 [deal]. We were charged when we placed the order and today again I see we are charged. Please advise why?”

Users have also complained about 5G connectivity.

“I have intermitted connectivity issues since getting 5G,” said one user. “I constantly have to restart the 5G Router and then the connection is fine for a few days and then the connectivity issues persist.”

Another said they have had a Rain SIM card for a month but have not seen speeds above 1Mbps throughout this period.

Rain responds

Rain told MyBroadband that a limited number of its clients had been billed incorrectly.

“Unfortunately, a small portion of Rain clients have been incorrectly billed (less than 2%),” said Rain.

“We immediately identified the error and emailed clients the same day.”

Rain said that the extra charges that had resulted from this have been refunded, and should reflect in clients’ accounts within three days.

“No action is required from customers,” said Rain.

In response to complaints regarding its connection speeds, Rain also said that while its 5G network had suffered issues in the past, these issues have been resolved.

It cited tests conducted by MyBroadband which found that its 5G network has improved substantially.

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Rain refunds customers after billing problems