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Thread: Help with Drivers for EasyCap Video Capture USB Device

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    Default Help with Drivers for EasyCap Video Capture USB Device


    was wondering if anyone can point me to a link for the drivers for the above device - for winXP/7.

    The same device can be found here:

    Cannot locate driver software CD

    Thanks in advance.
    Victoria Concordia Crescit

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    I have the same device, i think I have the drives at home somewhere. If they are not too large, i can e-mail them to you? PM me if you want it.

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    Try this link for drivers download:

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    Quote Originally Posted by geezer View Post
    Try this link for drivers download:
    Thanks - but the links to the drivers seem to be broken.

    Victoria Concordia Crescit

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    I picked up an easycap usb2.0 dc60, like everyone found out it doesn't like to play with windows 7 64bit. Did some hunting around on the net and found another product that looks identical. EZ Grabber USB 2.0, shot their support team an email they responded with :

    For Windows XP/VISTA/7 32-Bit, please download to a location you can easily find later (DESKTOP is a good location so you can delete the folder after installation)

    At this point you can update the drivers manually...

    1. Right-Click on MY COMPUTER, Select PROPERTIES.

    2. Select HARDWARE

    3. Select DEVICE MANAGER

    4. Scroll down to the USB Video adapter.

    5. Right Click on the Device and select UPDATE DRIVER.

    6. Do NOT allow Windows to automatically find the drivers.

    7. BROWSE to the Folder you created at the beginning and direct it to the correct folder for your operating system. STK1150 should appear.

    8. Serial Number: 783A2-8A000-05520458

    If the USB-AVCPT does not appear in Device Manager clean without errors (both USB Audio and USB Video/STK1150) you may need do it differently:

    From Device Manager, Right Click on the USB 2.0 Video Video Controller and UNINSTALL.

    ACTION >> Add Legacy Hardware >> Install the Hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced) >> Imaging Devices >> Have Disk >> Go to the File Folder and Select STK1150 and Select OPEN.

    Windows 7 64-bit: and run the install program.

    I used their win7 64bit installer and boom driver installed and device is found .. haven't put it through complete test yet but I at least have video being captured.

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    go to the product website and then to support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoLogic001 View Post
    go to the product website and then to support.
    Their download section is not working, see post above yours.
    entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem

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