Consol is the largest glass manufacturer in Africa, its list of blue-chip customers include South African and international companies that operate and demand world-class service. Consol benchmarks itself against international best practice for all.

Consolís business strategy is to be a highly focused consumer industrial business based on a customer and consumer driven culture and delivering exceptional value to stakeholders. This will be achieved through:

* A proactive customer driven culture throughout the business that places partnership with customers at the centre delivering world-class packaging solutions, uncompromised quality, global competitiveness and excellence in customer service and relationships;
* Leveraging our expertise in the products we manufacture and supply, and identifying wider opportunities in the whole value chain, from initial brand development through to distribution and retail;
* Aggressively pursuing profitable market share growth by winning new business from existing and new customers and using innovation to develop new products;
* Operational excellence, this is critical to our customers and to us, and efficiency cost savings contribute to profits each year. Best practice will be transferred to achieve operational excellence in all facilities and ensure that we deliver on world-class environmental standards;
* Providing the kind of work environment in which people can grow and feel fulfilled. Every Endeavour is made to create an inclusive culture where all our employees feel appreciated and respected for their uniqueness and contribution to the business;
* Complementing organic growth by pursuing new business and acquisitions in a variety of growth customer packaging and other industrial consumer markets and product segments such as African emerging markets, speciality glass and glass packaging, and glass tableware.